United We Stand: Challenging Breast Cancer Together

I belong to a family where I have had very close personal contact with family members who have suffered from breast cancer. My grandmother was a victim of this form of cancer and she suffered a lot in her last few years because of the lack of advanced investigational methods and treatment. My Aunt was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer when she was 39 years old and the mother of two impressionable teenagers. She fought valiantly and I believe due to the right treatment, care and support she was able to extend her life by 20 years and led a very fulfilled life until she passed away two years back.

I remember distinctly when my Aunt had had her surgery, her sister tried to console her and told her ,“I know what you are going through.” My Aunt instantly responded, “I know you care but you cannot imagine what I am going through.” This is in fact a reality. Most breast cancer patients feel a sense of isolation and maybe in the beginning even an acute fear and feeling of helplessness. The mere mention of the “C” word evokes dread and breast cancer is extremely traumatising for women.

That is why the first social network for women with breast cancer, My Breast Cancer Team (http://www.mybcteam.com/) is so inspiring and amazing. How wonderful to be able to connect, network and seek advice from women who have been through the same struggles and apprehensions. The motivation, assurance and sense of belonging is unparalleled and as the name suggests, the sense of isolation melts away when you realise you have a whole team (rather army!) waiting to extend their support and understanding.

The core objective of MyBCTeam is to find providers & specialists to help breast cancer patients combat their illness; build a network of breast cancer patients & survivors; provide a robust Q & A section that enables women to clear their doubts and get answers to various concerns and an activity page where members can post daily updates. For women challenging breast cancer, such a social support network, can play a vital role in staying positive and create a feeling of solidarity and camaraderie.

The WEBO Team heartily applauds MyBCTeam for caring, understanding and executing a brilliant idea with courage, compassion and innovation.

Posted By: Supriya Mathur
Posted On: October 15, 2012

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