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Perhaps one of the most precious commodities in today’s fast-paced life is time. All of us, at some point in our lives, have longed for more time to do things we enjoy and get some respite from mundane household chores and house maintenance. Timesaverz.com is a unique portal that addresses this concern. Timesaverz.com is the brainchild of Debadutta Upadhyaya (Deb to all friends) & Lovnish Bhatia.

Deb, the Co-founder and CEO of Timesaverz.com, has an experience of 16 years in the field of media and communications. She always cherished a desire to start a venture of her own but the concept of Timesaverz.com actually germinated when Deb & Lovnish were taking an early Monday morning flight from Mumbai to Delhi. Lovnish casually asked Deb about her weekend to which she responded that it flew by so quickly, due to all the pending chores of the week that she did not even get time to spend with her young son. Deb shares, “It led us to thinking that we are not the only two people in the world who are pressed for time. There are so many people in metros that are looking forward to having some sort of service provider. They would like to outsource help.”

Timesaverz.com, connect to certified services provider | WEBO Power

Timesaverz.com was launched in early October this year and within a span of a month, it has received a positive response and provided almost 30 services. Most of the clients join the network through referrals, which in itself is a proof of the concept. The website currently caters to residents of Mumbai. Through the convenience of Timesaverz.com, registered users can get household products delivered at their doorsteps at a time of their convenience. Timesaverz.com helps users connect to certified service providers for mundane jobs such as paying utility bills or delivering parcels across the city. In addition, clients can sign up for an Annual Maintenance contract at Timesaverz.com.

Deb reveals that being a woman has never come in the way of her career’s growth, but the challenges she faces as a new business owner are in fact universal. The first major challenge is that they are trying to organise a very disorganised sector. Deb has had to use a repertoire of soft-skills to train and convince their service provider partners to be accountable, punctual and reliable. The second challenge is that by its intrinsic nature, their target audience is pressed for time and therefore getting their attention is not easy. However, through various social media channels they can now engage with potential customers.

Deb firmly believes that women have a gut feeling that far surpasses that of men. She urges all women who are contemplating a venture of their own, “I would advise that if you have a gut feeling and if you think you have a good idea, try to get it across, collaborate with partners who can actually support you, and it will be done!”

Interviewed By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO
Posted On: November 07, 2012

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