Stuti Chandhok – Transforming lives through music

 Stuti Chandhok – Transforming Lives Through MusicStuti Chandhok is the founder of ‘Madhur Mann’, a unique Hindustani classical vocal music school for children. Through the principles of Music Therapy, a non-judgmental attitude and complete acceptance, the self-esteem and confidence of each child is nurtured at Madhur Mann. The academy aids the inner musician within each child to manifest and blossom. It provides an environment of freedom through creativity.

Stuti is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist and the birth of Madhur Mann can be traced back to 2003, when she started holding classes for children in a small room in her house. Stuti believes that children from an age as early as two years are receptive to classical music training. This is an age group that a traditional guru may not like to work with, due to the limited attention span of the child; but Stuti feels differently. She shares, “I realised that the onus to engage a child’s interest lies with the teacher. I don’t think it’s about children not having the attention span but rather teachers need to be more creative and innovative with their teaching style.”

Stuti’s music classes were hugely popular with the kids and soon she felt the need to expand Madhur Mann. Stuti began to hold classes in an apartment in South Delhi and now has a much larger flourishing establishment in Gurgaon. Apart from teaching classical vocals in a fun and creative manner, she has introduced Music Therapy techniques. Stuti is in fact one of the foremost people in India to be a trained clinical music therapist.

Explaining the concept of Music Therapy, Stuti shares, “Music can be a non-invasive and effective tool for self-expression, healing and transformation. I use Music Therapy activities to increase children’s attention span and develop their confidence & personality. Music stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain that also has windows for speech and mathematical skills. Some children in the class are withdrawn while others are hyperactive. Music facilitates verbal expression and social skills like turn taking, listening, appreciating and patience. Apart from music, I focus on making children sensitive and more humane. Egos start setting in at an early age. It is quite fascinating how with music children are able to retain the purity that they are born with.”

Stuti has carefully documented her experience and learnings over the years and created specific teaching modules. She has started training Hindustani classical vocalists in the various aspects of music therapy, movement and self-expression. Stuti shares, “Being a woman and a single parent, I felt a duty towards empowering women so that they are able to contribute substantially in monetary terms to run their homes and yet be there for their children. My dream is to have Madhur Mann centres all over the world. I train these women, help them set up a business and assist them with marketing. We follow a very fair way of franchising. The idea is to be a woman friendly organisation and work towards empowering women as well as creating value in children’s lives.”

Through her music and tenacious efforts, Stuti has brought joy to and transformed many lives. Just like the motto of Madhur Mann, she believes that “Melodious minds are the key to a harmonious world!”

At WEBO Power we believe that creativity, hard work & innovation are the key to success and Stuti epitomises these very qualities. We wish Stuti the best in her musical journey.

Interviewed By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO Power
Posted On: March 04, 2013

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    Your name was recommended to us by Dr.Amit Sen. Our kid is hyperactive and he suggested that music therapy would be great for him. So I wanted to know if you work with kids.

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