She drives to her new world: Independent and Excited

Gone are the days when it was hard to imagine equal number of women being employed in what were once regarded as male domains! The submissive, emotional and obedient woman has evolved into a more informed, ambitious and confident individual, who has dreams and works towards achieving them. Capitalizing on this, more companies today are recognizing the importance of creating employment and business opportunities for the fairer sect and are working towards incorporating revised programmes and policies within their business plans.

Organisations like Yakult Danone India Pvt Ltd, that promote a probiotic milk drink, have an entire distribution system built around ladies – the Yakult Lady System. The objective of this system is empowering women with limited resources while promoting good health. The Yakult Lady personally takes the products to the customers and educates them about the benefits of probiotics. Yakult ladies are pleasant and dynamic, delivering Yakult to customers at their homes or offices weekly. There are 80,0000 women associated with the system globally and more than 250 Yakult Ladies in India. The company provides them extensive training, and scooters to deliver the product.

“I have been working as a Yakult Lady for 3 years. I have more than 100 regular customers & they treat me like family. I belong to a simple, middle-class background. After my father’s death, we suffered great financial problems and the whole burden came upon my mother’s shoulders. I felt very helpless. So, I decided to support her. One of my friends informed me about Yakult & I was eager to know more about it. I went for an interview and got selected. Now, I support my entire family financially. My family members are very proud of me. I also bought a Honda Activa scooter 2 years ago. I feel independent and I am very happy to be associated with Yakult. I wish to continue working as a Yakult Lady long term” – Rekha Srivastava, Satya Niketan Centre, New Delhi, Yakult Lady.

Priyadarshini Cabbies, a fleet of taxis, all driven women, was started by Susiieben Shah in the city of Mumbai. Priyadarshini is embarking on the concept of security and safety of the women and children commuters at all hours of the day or night. Priyadarshini Cabbies, which was started earlier this year, is fast becoming a preferred option for working women to reach their destinations in comfort and safely.

Taking a step forward, Yamaha is hiring and training women to run the assembly line for manufacturing the new scooter ‘Ray’ at the Surajpur Plant in UP. This is a first of its kind initiative by an automobile company in the country, to employ women in the assembly line.

Be it theYakult ladies who are involved in the process of educating customers about the advantages of probiotic milk or the Priyadarshini women Cabbies driving women passengers safely to their destinations even during the wee hours of the night, women are living up to the opportunities provided to them and have becoming stellar performers.

Opportunities for women of the country mean growth opportunities for the country. The conscious efforts for women empowerment has created a far reaching ripple effect, including aspects outside the periphery of financial independence for these women. These are welcoming signs of a new world – where there is stronger economic development, dissolving gender silos, greater literacy levels, increased income and wiser spending, healthier children, independence and respect for individuals – the world we have always desired and aspired for.

Team WEBO congratulates and salutes such initiatives that have enhanced women empowerment and all the women who have been working tirelessly towards a better tomorrow.

Posted By: Sakshi Aggarwal
Posted On: October 16, 2012

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