Rita Gangwani – A Dynamic Entrepreneur, an Inspirational Journey

Rita Gangwani, mentors women on personality development | WEBO PowerAt 4 feet 10 inches, Rita Gangwani may have a diminutive frame but she stands tall as a very successful entrepreneur and is a much sought after Personality Development Mentor. Rita explains that her initiative entails teaching people how to lead extraordinary lives through the power of living in the moment. She educates and inspires with a perfect blend of wisdom, healing therapies, etiquette tools, training programmes, razor-sharp insight and humour. Rita has been instrumental in helping countless people dramatically improve and enhance their social and business skills, performance, confidence and self-worth.

Finding your worth

Rita reveals that in her early years she was extremely self-conscious of her short stature and did not believe that she was capable of achieving anything grand. It was one of her teachers, who encouraged her to discover her innate value and potential, and not be swayed by those who wrote her off as being short and incapable. This proved to be the catalyst for Rita to appear for the Army Medical Board competitive exams, which she cleared with flying colours. She joined the MNS Core of the Indian Army in 1977, stood first in the All India Merit list and was awarded the President’s Medal along with the Air Force Station (Bangalore) trophy as best cadet. Rita shares, “I was the first lady officer from Himachal Pradesh in the MNS Core. Once I wore my uniform the same people who used to laugh at me, saluted me and I found my value.”

Personality Development & Etiquette Training in the Army – the blueprint for success

In the Army, one of the modules Rita studied was OLQ – Officer Like Qualities. Rita says, “We were taught the Ps & Qs, how to sit, how to stand and etiquette. But when I used to come home and look at my civilian friends, I always used to feel that they do not carry themselves as gracefully as we were taught to conduct ourselves. So this became the blueprint in my mind and I resolved that once I leave the Army, I would pursue this.”

Rita took voluntary retirement from the Army when she got married. For a few years she was busy with her family and child-rearing responsibilities. Once her children were old enough, she acquired a degree from a Swiss Finishing School and an Etiquette School in New York. Rita returned to India and initiated her personality development and grooming classes. However, the path to success was no cake walk. Rita shares her initial struggles, “Twenty-four years back when I started out, the concept of personality development and grooming was nothing very big. People used to think that education and qualifications were the only factors that could take you ahead in life. With the onset of globalisation, people realised that it is not only the technical qualifications that mattered, packaging was also very important. If you really want to attract people, sell yourself and have good rapport with people, your packaging has to be right.”

A diverse clientele

Rita’s client base is varied. She trains and holds motivation sessions for executives, college students, housewives, would-be brides, beauty pageant aspirants and even voice modulation sessions for anchors. She shares that her youngest client is a 2 year old child who comes to her to learn manners and the oldest is a 65 year old lady who wishes to bridge the generation gap between herself and her grandchildren.

Through her interactions with persons across all age groups, Rita realised that many people had certain factors holding them back such as stress, emotional problems, inability to control their anger or lack of confidence. In order to help these people, Rita learnt several healing techniques such as tarot card reading, Reiki, candle magic and tea cup reading.

Rita says, “Now I have a lot of people who come to me for counselling and share their problems. They look at me as a mother figure because they know that whatever they share will remain with me and I might find some way out for them to understand how to cope with a problem or situation.”

Rita has also been involved with rehabilitation and motivational sessions at various NGOs. She believes that even the underprivileged can achieve great things if they believe in themselves and have the right values.

Measures of success

For her exemplary work and commitment, Rita has received several prestigious awards, including Woman of the Year-2005, Mahilla Gaurav Samman-2006, Rajdhani Rattan -2007, Apar Vashisht Sewa Samman-2008, Jewel of India 2009, Women Achievers Award in Education-2010, Kesari Woman Award 2011, Achiever’s Award 2012.

Rita opines, “In today’s world there is so much competition, backbiting and negativity that you actually need somebody to push you. Everybody needs a little bit of motivation – just like that teacher who helped me, if I can hold somebody’s hand and bring him/ her out of the darkness, I think that will be the biggest thing I can do for humanity.”

With her tremendous compassion, fortitude, insight and expertise, Rita Gangwani has transformed many lives in the course of her extraordinary career. At WEBO Power, we celebrate the spirit of enabling one another and we hope that Rita will continue to shine the light of courage and hope in many more lives.

Interviewed By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO
Posted On: February 12, 2013

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