Rise of Women Entrepreneurs

A lot has been written about the ‘self-made man’. While a success story is always commendable and motivating, it is time to widen the scope of the conversation and focus on the ‘self-made woman’. WEBO Power is a platform that brings together many such inspiring women and is a forum that will celebrate, recognize & empower women entrepreneurs and self-made women worldwide.

Who is a self-made woman? She is the intrepid entrepreneur who has broken the proverbial glass ceiling to carve a niche for herself in the male dominated business world. She is also the efficient multi-tasker who manages her home and work commitments with aplomb. So let us broaden the definition of the self-made woman to include all the exemplary women who not only excel at their place of work but also those who have had the courage to actualize an idea and work from home while embracing their other household & child-rearing responsibilities beautifully. Such women are found all over the country and the world at large, be it in a bustling metropolis, a lazy small town or even rural areas. Their circumstances may be vastly divergent but what unites all of these women is their indomitable enterprising spirit and the quest for excellence.

To excel in a level playing field is commendable but to make a place for oneself in an unequal world, against all odds, is truly inspirational. This is the reason why the rise of the woman entrepreneur in the last few decades is a welcome sign of the changing word scenario. Women after all form one-half of the entire human resource, so it is only natural that they must enjoy equal opportunities to excel & rise to the top in their chosen field. Sadly, in the past women have been confined to their homes and their true potential in the work arena has remained untapped. Now this reality is changing and as if to usher in a new era, we bring to you WEBO – a forum that celebrates & empowers women entrepreneurs & pays tribute to the spirit of enterprise.

There are various surveys and studies that indicate that women entrepreneurship is on the rise the world over. In India too, there has been a substantial escalation in women entrepreneurship and several surveys conducted of late, further validate this heartening phenomena.

A survey was conducted by Women’s Web (http://www.womensweb.in/articles/women-entrepreneurship-in-india/) in 2012, where 100 Indian women entrepreneurs were interviewed and some of the finding of this survey were very interesting. Majority of the respondents were small & medium business owners. 58% of the entrepreneurs surveyed had started their businesses at a relatively young age (between the ages of 20 and 30). 25% had started a business even before their 25th birthday. This clearly indicates the confidence of women in India and how even at a young age, they are rearing to actualise their dreams. 60% of women entrepreneurs started their business with a capital of under Rs.1,00,000. Nearly 60% respondents’ areas of business was Professional Services, IT, Apparels or F&B. Interestingly, when questioned about what motivated these women to become entrepreneurs, 75% of them believed that they had an innovative idea that needed to be implemented while 60% felt the need to be their own boss.

The Dell Women’s Global Entrepreneurship, 2012 India study (http://i.dell.com/sites/content/business/smb/merchandizing/en/Documents/India-Research-Results-Fact-Sheet.pdf) further substantiates the fact that women business owners in India are feeling confident and that business is doing well. When asked about expectations for business growth, women entrepreneurs in India foresee an average of 90% growth over the next five years. 71% say their business is thriving, and eight in 10 female entrepreneurs in India say they are hiring. An interesting finding is that 90% started their business while maintaining their day job. Women entrepreneurs in India also have deep sense of social responsibility and 85% of the respondents maintain that it is vital that their business has a positive social impact.

These are all signs that women are fearlessly taking the initiative to implement a creative idea and are no longer afraid of taking risks. Women entrepreneurship is definitely an emerging trend. In the times to come gender disparity at the work place will wane and we will witness the meteoric rise of the woman entrepreneur! At WEBO, we welcome you to share your thoughts, ideas and inspirational stories about women & enterprise.

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Posted By: Supriya Mathur
Posted On: October 17, 2012

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