Rise of the Sensitive Indian Man

The recent cases of violence against women in India, has not only led to massive protests but also a backlash at men in general. While I believe that there must be zero tolerance for any misdemeanour towards women and that society and police personnel must become more vigilant, it is perhaps unfair to paint all men with the same brush and label them as a menace to society.Rise of the Sensitive Indian ManA few sensitive media channels and celebrities are coming forward to not only lend support to women’s issues but are also making an effort to improve the tarnished image of the Indian male. A leading India bank has recently started airing an advertisement that ‘celebrates the goodness of the Indian family man’. The tagline is that men who are genuine, sensitive and reliable, do not boast of this aspect of their nature.

Noted filmmaker and actor, Farhan Akhtar has been a crusader for women’s issues and he has now launched a social awareness campaign called MARD – Men Against Rape & Discrimination. Farhan has been tweeting extensively about this initiative and has garnered support from other members of the film fraternity. One of his earliest tweets explaining the concept of MARD was, “If you are a man who respects women…her rights, her dignity, her independence, her mind, her body, her life…you are a #MARD.”

Veteran actor, Amitabh Bachchan has pledged his support to the Breakthrough “Ring the Bell” campaign to end domestic violence against women. This campaign is targeted at men and the slogan is “One Million Men. One Million promises to End Violence Against Women”. Mr Bachchan tweeted on Women’s Day, “Supporting @Breakthrough’s latest campaign. Will #ringthebell for a world where women feel safe, free, and secure.”

A leading razor brand has launched the “Soldier for Women” campaign. Taking the higher ground, this initiative urges Indian men to step forward and protect the women of the nation and deems this the greatest battle our country has ever faced.

It’s too early to ascertain whether this surge of men standing up for women’s issues is merely a few lone voices or is the advent of the truly modern man – one who is not threatened by the independent woman of today and believes & ensures that women enjoy an inviolable right to feel safe & secure at all times. I am looking forward to the time when we have so many enlightened men that the term MCP can be a compliment, and is redefined as Male Chivalrous Prince!

Posted By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO Power
Illustration By: Shally Tayal, Team WEBO Power
Posted On: April 10, 2013

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