Passion to Profession

Passion to Profession

According to Curt Rosengren, “Passion is the energy that comes from bringing more of YOU into what you do. When what you do is in alignment with who you are, you get energy from doing it. It’s like water flowing along its natural riverbed. It actually gains energy from the path it’s taking. Compare that to what most people experience in their work, which is more like trying to force it up and over a mountain.”

We all have passions that we secretly wish could become our full-time profession. Presenting three extraordinary women, who have turned their passion into profession and consequently love and cherish every moment of their work!

Thinking out of the box

Passion to ProfessionAnjana Dasgupta, an educator, has spearheaded Zee’s Kidzee Group of schools. She is an innovative leader and has been in the education industry for the past 36 years. Her passion was to create an environment of fun and joy for teachers and children. This led her to establish The Porridge Years – a play-school focussed on thematic teaching and a day care centre for children.

Anjana shares, “My endeavours are an outcome of my experience, mistakes and learnings during my teaching years.” She is a personification of the adage, ‘learning has no age limit’. A grandmother of one, Anjana emphatically states, “I don’t believe in being old.” She is tech-savvy, has learnt animation and is very active on social networks. Besides her passion for education, Anjana is also extremely artistic. She creates diyas under the name ‘Jona’s Creations’, enjoys writing and is a trained Ikebana artist – the Japanese art of flower arranging.

Earthy passion

Passion to ProfessionHema Subramanyam, the founder of Color D Earth was a homemaker with a passion to make objects with clay. She started by making terracotta jewellery and through exhibitions and positive feedback, she realised that there was a huge market for her products. This led her to establish Color D Earth in 2003.

A few years into her venture, she realised she was not attaining the expected profitability. The long credit cycle was difficult for business sustainability. A chance entry and subsequent selection to Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Women Entrepreneurship Program in 2009 radically changed her views about business. She opines, “It’s very important to have sound business knowledge to take it to the next level.”

Her learnings from the entrepreneurship program helped her expand her business and introduce policies like credit elimination and due payment that she also maintains with her artisans. Color D Earth is a social enterprise and Hema directly collaborates with 11 artisan groups spread across India. Currently Color D Earth retails in a premier mall in Hyderabad. Read more about Hema’s entrepreneurial journey in the WEBO Power Featured Business section.

The ingredients for success

Passion to ProfessionArchana Doshi’s passion for cooking and sharing recipes via her website Archana’s Kitchen has gained her immense popularity among readers globally.

Archana leverages social media to her advantage and has created a unique virtual kitchen experience. She is the perfect example of one who has perfected the art of multi-tasking. From posting healthy vegetarian recipes, to offering online cooking classes and spending quality time with her family…she finds time for everything!

Archana says, “People enjoy my recipes and what I have to offer and this has brought me where I am and what I currently do.” You can read more about her on the WEBO Power Featured Business section.

Nurture your passion

Your passion does not become a business overnight or easily. You need to work decisively towards it. Archana sums up her journey from passion to profession, “It takes time, patience and perseverance and don’t expect anything from anyone.”
Anjana, Hema & Archana are inspirational women who have worked hard and turned their passion into successful professions. We at WEBO Power believe that if you love what you do, then success is sure to be around the corner. Share with us your dreams, passions and business ideas and let the WEBO Power community join you in celebrating your imminent success and in supporting your endeavours.

Posted By: Nafisa Sethwala, Team WEBO
Illustration By: Molly Radin, Shally Tayal, Team WEBO
Posted On: January 7, 2013

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