Operating (on) the Surface – no more Superficial!

For those who have tried hard to replace their laptop with a tablet, Microsoft may have an answer for you. WEBO Power brings you a user review of the much-talked about device – Surface

As a die-hard Apple fan, a momentary distraction at a busy mall during a recent visit to New York made me see how organizations are capable of raising the bar and equally, are un-shy to cross over an already high bar in delivering excellence. As I glanced at the Apple Store just above the Microsoft store, where I had my moment of enjoyable distraction, I could not help but whisper to myself – Advantage Microsoft!

The MS Store – an experience deserving of a celebration

A group of kids performed strange yet entertaining moves to an onscreen display of the X Box device, in the middle of the passageway at the mall on the Sunday evening. One could not help but pause for a moment, smile and take that fateful glance to the left – to a very bright and contemporary open – Microsoft store.

Once inside, a powerful magnetic force drew me to a counter as if my feet were on roller skates. Standing in front of an array of Microsoft Surface devices and ultra-slim Acer laptops, my eyes went through the ‘kid in the candy store’ sensation. This was only comparable with what I had felt during my early visits to the Apple Fifth Avenue store in NY.

Paul was cheerful, helpful and extremely proud of what his store had to offer and walked me through the range with the enthusiasm of the rare child who was not only proud of his candy collection but also took joy and pride in sharing with friends. He was knowledgeable, engaging and humble enough to suggest he may not have answers to all of my questions. He however, helped logically address some of my questions and concerns. In other cases, Paul turned over to his equally obliging and helpful colleagues and most of my questions were answered.

I came out, proudly carrying my new Surface. My equally mesmerized colleagues exchanged glances as if to suggest a celebration was much in order, having witnessed the setting of a new and high standard in buying experience.

The Surface – a delight to operate

The sleek and light surface is a delight to hold. It is a bigger delight to watch it rest on a fold out section, which, along with it’s feather touch and wafer thin ‘snap-on’ keyboard (the Touch cover) gives you the feel of staring at the most attractive laptop. Surface is a tablet with features that make it feel and function like a laptop. In fact, the new version, Surface Pro is similar to Windows PC and has the same Intel chip that powers many laptops. The swipe and flick touch screen interactions help the delight levels rise rapidly.
What I enjoy most about the Surface is the ability to work on routine Office programs – Excel, Word and Power Point, which are pre-installed in Surface at no extra cost.
Whether it will help me replace my laptop, only time will tell. But the fact that it has come threateningly close to replace what Apple has meant to me – both in my heart and mind, is extremely creditable. As an old and loyal (even at the beginning of this feature – a die hard) Apple fan, I await the day when I can turn the advantage back in favor of my old favorite. Till such time, it still is Advantage Microsoft!

Note: This is not a technical evaluation of Microsoft Surface but entirely a user view of both the buying experience and the usage experience

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Posted By: Summi Gambhir, Team WEBO
Posted On: February 13, 2013

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