Natasha Shah – Harnessing the Goodness of Nature to Create Wellness Products

Natasha Shah, the founder of The Nature’s Co (TNC) has leveraged her passion for natural beauty solutions to create a leading brand of wellness products in the country. She has also carried forward her family’s legacy of being the forerunners in manufacturing Ayurvedic & herbal products in India.

Natasha shares, “I launched TNC in 2009. Before that, for seven years, I saw that the parent company, Amar Remedies Ltd, had built a ready platform for natural products and we had a robust infrastructure. So I decided to move ahead with that conscious learning.”

In a short span of time, TNC has grown from strength to strength. Natasha shares, “The last 3 years have been excellent and we have got a great response. From one store in New Delhi, we now have eight stores on a pan India basis. The fan base and loyalty card members are increasing every day. We have also won three awards. We have a long way to go, but we are growing at a decent pace.”

Wellness products inspired by the elements of nature
Even as a young girl, Natasha was drawn to natural beauty products. She reveals, “I used to use a lot of ubtans, hair masks, shikakai & reetha for my personal grooming. Later, the subconscious learning came into practice; I started researching into fragrances, aroma essential oils, travelled a lot and met perfumers and other like-minded people. Finally in 2009 we were ready to launch the brand with about 120 odd products.”

TNC products draw from the goodness of nature and are not tested on animals. Natasha reveals, “We are against animal testing and we also ensure that our vendors do not do any sort of animal testing, be it packaging material or any other form. Our products are Peta certified. We believe that natural ingredients that you eat and from your kitchen, fruits, vegetables, grass cannot harm you in any way.”

TNC has five distinct ranges of products that embody the essence of the five elements of nature – Atmospure (air), Starrize (sun), Foressence (forest), Earthborne (earth) and Aquaspark (water). Each range embodies the goodness and benefits of the element that inspired it.

Natasha opines, “Primitive man survived and thrived on the elements of nature. We believe that the goodness of nature and the five elements are the secret of a healthy existence.”

The power of being a woman entrepreneur
Natasha believes that being a woman entrepreneur has worked to her advantage. She shares, “We have come across a lot of people that encourage women entrepreneurs and we have collaborated with several NGOs that work with women. Being a woman, has worked for me because I am in the beauty business and I have a soft corner for society and like-minded NGOs.”

In the future Natasha hopes to open many more stores across India, and build strategic tie-ups with international companies, thereby creating a global brand.

Natasha’s message to aspiring women entrepreneurs is that they need to strike a balance between their family life and business responsibilities and set priorities as per needs. She believes that women have tremendous potential, can mould themselves to a situation, can be understanding yet firm and can handle setbacks maturely. She says, “If you believe in your passion, believe in your dream, you must keep moving forward.”

At WEBO Power, we applaud Natasha Shah for being an inspiring woman entrepreneur and for working wholeheartedly to create natural beauty and wellness solutions.

Interviewed By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO Power
Posted On: July 05, 2013


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