Mother-daughter entrepreneurs – a winning combination

It is said that God could not be in all places at once, so he created Mothers to make his job simpler! I do believe that this is true. Daughters in particular share a special bond with their mothers. We are utterly dependent on them as babies, learn almost everything we know from them as children, perhaps become rebellious and less appreciative of their presence in our teens, but ultimately we grow up to be a lot like our mothers!
On this Mother’s Day, we bring to you some exceptional mother-daughter duos, who not only share a wonderful bond but are also successful business partners.

Weaving dreams in the fashion world
Reynu Tandon is a veteran in the Indian fashion industry. Her label Mynah is well known both in India and abroad. Nine years ago, her daughter Nikhita made her foray as a designer. Though the mother daughter duo have a passion for fashion, they each have a very distinct style and design perspective. In 2009, Nikhita launched her own fashion label. Nikhita shares, “My mother retails at a much larger scale – domestically as well as internationally, while my label is recent but is doing well internationally.” Nikhita shares what it’s like to work in the same field as her mother, “We sit close to each other so we are well aware of what the other is doing. We are there for each other but we have our creative space. On several projects, we collaborate and share ideas. She being senior, it does help me a lot to take her views and suggestions.”
Nikhita believes that each day is like Mother’s Day. She says, “There is no day without your mother. If she is not there physically with you, you think of her. I guess Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express our love to our mothers and I cherish that. The mother-daughter relationship is the best in the world.”

Complementing each other
Mita and Riddhi Doshi are a mother and daughter-in-law team that run Organice. The concept behind Oragnice is to create innovative solutions to organise every day clutter. Riddhi shares, “We came up with this concept in 2011 when I was seven months pregnant. My mom-in-law and I love bags. When you are pregnant, you don’t have the time and energy to keep changing bags because it means transferring all your things, medicines, prescription etc. So my mother-in-law came up with this idea of a pouch with different compartments and instead of transferring the stuff from the bag, you can move the pouch from one bag to another. We gave this as my baby shower gift too. My friends loved the concept and that was the beginning of our venture.”
Riddhi shares how she enjoys an excellent rapport with her mother-in-law, “Sometimes I listen to her more than I listen to my Mom. We are very clear about our strengths. She has a very good sense of cloth and design and I bring to the equation my marketing skills.” Riddhi is immensely inspired by her mother and mother-in-law, “My Mom has always worked and she has taught me how to balance work and home. Both my Mom and mother-in-law have taught me how to become a successful mom-preneur. I am glad I have such awesome Moms!”

Bridging the generation gap
Ruchi Malhotra & her sister Renu Kapoor, run a concept store called Silk Road & Beyond. The store is a treasure trove of home furnishings, accessories and clothes. Ruchi explains that both her own daughter and her sister’s daughter are actively involved with the running of the store. She says, “My daughter, Medha is a graphic designer and she handles our branding and designs products as well. My sister’s daughter, Neha, takes care of the construction part of all the textiles. So both our daughters pitch in!” Ruchi feels that working with the younger generation has been a great learning experience. She shares, “We get to know the new designs and techniques from them and they learn from our experience. So together we make a good team.” Ruchi ends by saying, “All mothers should have daughters — they are a great source of friendship and happiness.”

The common factor in each of the above mother-daughter partnerships is that they share an amazing understanding and a steadfast respect for each other’s talent and contribution. At WEBO Power, we believe that successful business partners must share a common business vision, complement each other’s abilities and be committed to make their venture a success. On Mother’s Day, we salute the exceptional women who embrace these very qualities effortlessly.

Posted By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO Power
Illustration By: Shally Tayal, Team WEBO Power
Posted On: May 10, 2013

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