Mehak Sagar – Pursuing multiple interests with passion & creativity

Mehak Sagar – Pursuing multiple interests with passion & creativityAt the young age of 27, Mehak Sagar is a successful entrepreneur in her own right and wears several hats with ease. Mehak is the editor of a hugely popular beauty blog – Peaches & Blush. She is also a risk analyst at a financial MNC. In addition, she has started a bridal online shopping business — Brides by Peaches & Blush. While many of us maybe overwhelmed handling one job, Mehak seems to thrive at juggling three demanding careers.

Mehak shares how Peaches &Blush came into being, “Peaches & Blush started two years back. I guess it was just the fact that there was a lack of Indian voices in the beauty scene. Whenever I Googled a product, it was frustrating to find reviews of people from other parts of the world who didn’t match our skin colour or texture. So I felt there was a space for an Indian beauty blog. It happened by accident really, I didn’t plan for Peaches & Blush to grow into what it is today. I thought this is a nice positive way to spend my weekends! Now it’s taken over all days of the week!”

Mehak has a team of freelance writers who help with the generation of content but she remains the primary force behind this blog. She shares the challenges of running a blog, “You really need to give it time, post everyday, post quality articles and all that is very time consuming, especially if it’s not your primary profession. You need a lot of passion and drive to go through with it. Also, I am not a technical person at all, so I’m clueless when it comes to servers and web design etc.” Mehak also maintains that often she needs to confront the notion that beauty is not serious business. She says, “Most people tend to think you are some air head who just wastes her time online, they don’t know the kind of work that goes into it.”

Peaches & Blush has resonated with a lot of readers because Mehak believes she is like any regular person who is curious about various beauty concerns and products in the market and has a keen desire to share her experiences.

Mehak has leveraged social media smartly to promote her blog and reach out to her readers. She shares, “Social Media is extremely important for me; my favourite social media platform is Pinterest. I have a Twitter account, a Facebook page through which I interact with the readers and then there is Pinterest where I just pin images from the blog.”

Interestingly, each milestone in Mehak’s life is reflected in her blog and work. She reveals, “I never really started Peaches & Blush with a future plan. It just took its course, as my life progressed. It started with beauty, and then when I got married I wrote a lot about bridal stuff. When I moved into my new home there was a section on decor. So honestly, I’m not sure where it will go next and I like to keep it like that. I am certain that it’s going to be more of a holistic portal rather than simply focusing on beauty.”

Mehak has been rated as one of the top Indian bloggers by Business Review India. On an average she receives nearly 350,000 page views every month.

She encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs with the message, “Find your niche, find something you love to do and don’t give up!”

At WEBO Power, we believe that a great idea will take on wings if you are passionate and willing to work hard. Mehak epitomises the successful young woman entrepreneur of today who is unafraid to chart her own course and pursue multiple interests. We wish Mehak the best on her entrepreneurial journey.

Interviewed By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO Power
Posted On: April 08, 2013

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