Indian girls sports teams bring glory to the nation

It is commendable and heartening that two girls’ teams from India have excelled in the international sports arena. The Indian junior women hockey team has won the bronze at the World Cup and an all-girl football team from Jharkhand has won the third place at the Gasteiz Cup in Spain. The feat of the team from Jharkhand is perhaps even more praiseworthy than India’s cricket World Cup win, because these young girls have achieved success against formidable odds, overcoming harsh opposition and hardships.

An Incredible Journey From Jharkhand To Spain For This All-Girls Football Team
On the night of July 13, 2013, as most of India slept, eighteen girls from Jharkhand were ecstatically screaming ‘Vande Mataram’ as they lifted the trophy for being placed third in the prestigious Gasteiz Cup in Spain! Representing the Yuwa India under-14 all-girls’ team, this was the first time that most of them had even played outside their village of Ormanjhi on the outskirts of Ranchi.
The team was fondly called Supergoats by the organizers in Spain, since they were seen playing barefoot many a times during the practice matches. This was because the team had limited football gear and could not afford to spoil them before the tournament began.

If this was not shaming enough, it is also reported here that the girls were slapped, kicked and asked to clean floors by the local bureaucrats in Jharkhand when they approached them for birth certificates, a necessary part of the application process. They managed to get their passports only due to the efforts of an American, Franz Gastler, who founded Yuwa-India and fought for their case with the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

However the girls put all these insults behind them on July 13th as they danced and cheered. As soon as the announcement of their win was made, they rushed to the dressing room and changed into their traditional garb of red-bordered white sarees with plastic flowers in their hair, proudly proclaiming to the world that they were Indians, even if they were marginalised in their own country.


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Posted On: August 06, 2013

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