Harnessing the power of women and creating independent business owners

She wakes up to a new day, completes all her family responsibilities, manages the house and looks at her beautiful branded watch. It is almost time to go for the meeting. This is a weekly meeting amongst her women friends from Tupperware (and other direct selling brands she is a part of like Amway, Avon, Oriflame) where they decide the agenda for the next week. This is the story of Mrs. Kanchan Arora and 26 lakh other Indian women like her.

Life for Mrs. Kanchan Arora was never the same before she joined Tupperware. Being the only girl in the family, this pampered child grew to a confident young lady with a Masters of Administration in Political Science. Outgoing, cheerful and self confident, Kanchan was married into a family in Delhi. Her life took a back step when she realized things were not the same any more. She was now a daughter-in-law and a wife, who was expected to only take care of her family and perform all the household chores. Her dreams got shattered in front of her eyes when her husband tore off her employment letter from DU. She confined herself to her home for five long years and did what was expected out of her. In the midst of this, her confidence dropped to levels where she would now hesitate to even walk on the road to buy groceries. She would manage in whatever financial support she would get and limit her expenses. She was silent yet she did not lose hope. She fought for her kids and got them admitted to the best schools in the city. Her time would now go in teaching them and taking them to hobby classes until they completed their schooling. She would enroll them to day-wage companies to teach them the importance of being self dependent. Time moved slowly till one day, someone in her neighbourhood organized a Tupperware meeting at her place, where she was introduced to the concept of working from home without any large investments. She convinced her family and started to work. The initial phase was difficult because of the lack of confidence and cooperation, but things slowly changed when she saw women like her participating in various meetings and events that she would now attend. This motivated her and she gradually started getting back to her old self which had been lost in all those years. It was then that she started and today she has 15 people working under her. She walks on those same roads but with pride in her eyes, people know her by name, all her efforts have now been recognized. From a time when she would not buy anything for herself, to a time when she smiles and says, “The monthly sales numbers would be anywhere between 6-7 lakhs along with other incentives such as home equipment and electronics, which have no counting.” She is happy because people respect her for herself and she has created her own identity. She leaves us with a message, “You are a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother but in all of this, do not lose your self-respect. You are capable of much more. Business can be done even from your home, even when you are not well educated, because those 1000 rupees earned for yourself have much more value than anything that anybody can ever give you.”

Mrs. Kanchan Arora is just one name amongst the 26 lakh women whose lives have been changed tremendously by the direct selling brands in India. I am sure each one of them has their own, yet similar story. This promising industry comprises of brands in the wellness, home care and personal care segment including Tupperware, Avon, Oriflame, Modicare, Amway. The country has seen a shift from engaged and shy homemakers to self dependent and confident women entrepreneurs and business owners because of the low risk, high reward business opportunities being created by these network- based selling brands. These women entrepreneurs are confident, financially independent and are recognized for their work amongst their networks.

Projections say that the industry is expected to reach the 21.690 Cr mark by 2019-2020 from a present 4.12 Cr (2010-2011), growing at a rate of 20% per annum . The industry is largely dominated by women contributing up to about 64% of the total distributors.

No pre-requisite qualifications, highly rewarding business opportunities, negligible amounts of investment, comfort of home and flexibility of time, increased networking, personal growth and grooming along with trainings and education facilities provided by the brands make this a lucrative opportunity for women.

Source : http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-08-08/news/33100745_1_direct-selling-industry-chavi-hemanth-direct-sellers

Posted By: Sakshi Aggarwal
Posted On: October 17, 2012

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