Harmony, Health & Wellness

Harmony, Health & Wellness

A noted philosopher has said, “Balance is wisdom”. Observing the excessive preoccupation in today’s world with weight, looks and body image, coupled with high levels of stress, there is much truth in these words. While it is important to be healthy, it is unfortunate to become a slave to certain ideal body images or follow unhealthy crash diets and extreme exercise regimes.

Many health experts are now stressing on the need to develop a more holistic approach towards health and wellness. According to the concept of ‘holistic health’, there must be a balance in all areas of a person’s life, be it physical, social or spiritual. In fact the World Health Organisation defines health as being, “…more than simply the absence of illness. It is the active state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being.”

Lifestyle Management – a holistic approach to health

Kanchana Kapadia, founder of Calorie Culture, a lifestyle management initiative, emphasises the need of lifestyle management and explains that the basic premise is that each individual has a unique lifestyle, habits, and family environment and therefore a health programme must be designed in accordance with these factors. Kanchana shares, “Calorie Culture involves counselling people not just on their nutrition and fitness habits but also on behavioural modifications that may be necessary for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle management consultant first understands the lifestyle a person leads, including physical, mental and emotional state of mind, attitudes, thoughts, behaviours as well as likes/ dislikes and then designs a unique and customized plan to address the situation accordingly.”

Kanchana’s own weight loss journey sparked her passion and interest in the lifestyle management field and inspired her to take this up as a career path. She reveals, “It was my weight loss experience that helped me realise that Lifestyle Management addresses the issues of weight, health and wellness very practically and realistically without resorting to anything extreme like crash diets or being hours on end in a gym.” She stresses on making balance a priority, “A lot of people associate weight loss with restricting yourself and with unpleasantness. The fact that my own weight loss journey was not so tough and was accomplished with a balance, made me want to get into this field so that I could help other people.”

Yoga – a way to create inner balance

Most of us realise the benefit of regular physical activity and an exercise regime. However, it is often a challenge to adopt a fitness programme that is most suitable to our needs and one that we can follow consistently. Mini Thapar Shastri, a well-known yoga practitioner and teacher in New Delhi shares, “Yoga harnesses the deep inherent intelligence of the body. The fundamentals of alignment are respected in every asana. I have myself tried many forms of exercise, but have found that yoga gives you inner equanimity, strength, vitality, muscle toning, grace and good posture. Yoga is very powerful yet completely safe. That is a potent combination.”

Mini is a mother of three and she believes that yoga is extremely effective and result-oriented. She shares, “About 23 days after each of my three deliveries, I started doing gentle yoga and slowly built it up. I think yoga is the best thing for mothers, I enjoy being around my children and have a lot more energy!”

For Mini, yoga is more than just physical exercise, it is in fact a deep spiritual experience. She explains, “In my class, after a series of floor style yoga asanas, we end with breathing exercises and devotional mantras. It’s a beautiful blend of strengthening asanas and breath transformation.”

Explaining the relevance of yoga in our modern times, Mini further elaborates, “Earlier stress used to cause complaints of lower back ache and spondylitis. Now increasingly stress is playing havoc with people’s endocrinal and nervous system. Yoga is the best way to find your inner balance.”

A few passionate pilgrims are working hard to create a culture where we adopt a more holistic approach to health and wellness. We at WEBO Power hope that the New Year ushers the dawn of greater prosperity for your ventures, balanced with health and happiness in your lives!

Posted By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO
Illustration By: Shally Tayal, Team WEBO
Posted On: January 17, 2013

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