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Archana’s Kitchen - innovative recipes delivered online | WEBO Power Suggesting a recipe for a loving husband’s perfect anniversary surprise for a doting wife in Princeton, New Jersey. Recommending a new and exciting breakfast option to a mom seeking to please her demanding kids in suburban Mumbai. Conveying an inspirational new way of making a much squarer meal for a young and recently wedded bride in Bhubaneswar. Helping the bachelor posted to Ernakulum, as a part of a sales internship program, prepare a delightful Sunday lunch and make staying away from home a little less painful! All in a single day?

Meet Archana Doshi, a home chef, who has never been daunted by geographical distances or kitchen sizes. Her own kitchen extends several continents and time zones. More than the size of her kitchen, what is impressive is the limitless imagination Archana has used in leveraging the Web to reach out and help the bachelor, the newly wed, the stretched mom, the hapless NRI and many more.

Archana Doshi gave up her IT career to be a full-time mom, while retaining her core passion and soon making it a profession. “This idle time gave me a brilliant idea to start writing a recipe book. As these thoughts were evolving, Blog Cooking had started taking over books, and recipes were all over the Internet; which is when I decided to join the world of bloggers,” says Archana. “Ever since I started my blog, I have been trying to perfect my recipes every time I cook. My kitchen became a “test kitchen” and this began showing in my recipes as well. Each time I cooked, I wrote, and again wrote and again cooked and re wrote.”

Archana’s secret recipe of success

Archana’s Kitchen - innovative recipes delivered online | WEBO PowerArchana understands the power of the Web and how people search for information, especially related to food. “There are more than 800 million users on the web, and the number is growing every day,” says Archana.

She connects with her audience on the Web leveraging her site, blog and Google Hangout for her online cooking classes. “Getting people to attend online classes has been easier than getting them to attend physically,” shares Archana. Her initial reservations were addressed by the overwhelming positive response she received. Now Archana has over 500 participants, and some also simultaneously cook with her in the comfort of their own kitchens.

Further Archana stays in touch with her many followers using social networks. “Social Media networks help me learn about my readers’ requirements and also interact with them,” says Archana. Interestingly, Archana decided to introduce a special section ‘Kids healthy snack & lunch boxes’ entirely based on feedback and inputs she received on Social networks.

Given the large visitor-base (over a million), Archana ensures she keeps her site updated at all times and responds promptly to user queries prioritizing those requiring immediate help or assistance. “If something is urgent, I try to respond to it immediately. For instance, a user who is following a recipe is stuck and requires immediate attention,” says Archana. She achieves this by spending an hour every morning and night, covering different time zones.

Archana regularly reviews comments on her site, and acknowledges all compliments and replies to all queries. She reveals, “This is what makes people come back to my site. This is not something a cook book can do!”

Today, as thousands of women and men seek to impress their spouses, kids, friends and others with their culinary skills, they don’t look too far for help. They peek into Archana’s kitchen for inspiration and a little more – a few tips and some clever and innovative recipes! After all, Archana is right around the corner – just a click away!

Interviewed By: Nafisa Sethwala, Team WEBO
Posted On: December 11, 2012

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