Your curiosity, queries and emails have helped us create this list for all our readers to know more about WEBO Power and answer a few queries you may have.

1. What is WEBO Power?

WEBO Power is a community of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. It supports the efforts of members by providing access to resources, experts and events, to better manage and grow businesses.

WEBO Power is a network that celebrates, connects, encourages and empowers women entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

WEBO Power is a tribute to all the women entrepreneurs who have overcome the challenges of setting up a business & are fearlessly forging ahead.

WEBO Power is dedicated to all the women who would wish to pursue their dreams and passions – but are looking for a wider network, support, inspiration and resources.

WEBO Power is an acknowledgement and an expression of gratitude to those who have encouraged and supported women business owners in their entrepreneurial journey.

2. What are the benefits of becoming a WEBO Power member?

You can sign up to be a WEBO Power member. We support our members in numerous ways:

• Introduce your Business – You may list your business on the ‘Business Listings‘ section. This allows you to describe your business and have other members connect directly with you through a contact form

• Get introduced to other Businesses – You may browse through the businesses listed on WEBO Power and connect with the business owners from varied industries to help grow your business.

• Keep updated with latest trends – WEBO Power regularly posts featured articles to update its members with the latest market developments, trends and important subjects. You may comment and share thier queries, if any, on each article.

• Keep track of important News and Events – WEBO Power consolidate relevant news and events in the News & Events section. You may visit the News section for latest happenings around the world that impact your business and the Events section to help you schedule and pre-plan your calendar accordingly. WEBO Power Team will be more than happy to help you publish an event hosted by you in this section and invite the community members.

• Read about people like you who have overcome challenges – WEBO Power publishes real life stories of women entrepreneurs to share their journey and challenges with you. You may like to read these inspirational articles and get motivated.

• Contribute & write for the WEBO Power community – We invite guest writers to share articles based on their areas of interest and expertise. You may like to contribute/share articles of community interest that will be published on WEBO Power with back links to your company website. This will encourage healthy dialogue and also allow visibility and awareness about your company.

3. Is WEBO Power a global network?

Yes, WEBO Power is a global network of Women Entrepreneurs.

4. Is there an age restriction for becoming a WEBO Power member?

We believe that it’s never too late or too early to be whoever you want to be. Therefore, we have no age restriction to join WEBO Power.

5. Who can become a WEBO Power member? Do I have to be an entrepreneur to be a WEBO Power member?

It is not necessary to be an entrepreneur to sign up for WEBO Power. WEBO Power is a network that celebrates women, their inherent potential and their spirit to pursue their passions.

As a person with a venture, you should certainly look at having your business listed on WEBO Power and similarly encourage other women who lead ventures to do the same.

As someone seeking to support women led ventures, you may contact WEBO Power team by writing to us at info@webopower.com. We would love to collaborate with you to further the cause and find more reasons to celebrate.

As one contemplating on starting a venture, you may read up and connect with us as this may be the right forum for you to get inspired and connected with other women entrepreneurs.

6. What are the benefits of listing my business on WEBO Power?

• Listing your business on WEBO Power allows you to introduce your business to the WEBO Power community and outside.

• It will help you increase visibility and promote your business to a larger audience.

• Interested members may contact you in case of work opportunities or otherwise on WEBO Power.

• Last but not the least, listing your business is absolutely free on WEBO Power.

7. What is the social media presence of WEBO Power?

WEBO Power has very active social media presence. You may Connect with us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Join us on LinkedIn to get daily updates from WEBO Power.

8. How can I network with other women entrepreneurs and seek their advice on WEBO Power?

If you are a WEBO Power member, the touch points available to you with the WEBO Power community are:

• In the Business Listing section on WEBO Power, next to each Listed Businesses there is a “View” button. If you click on this button, you can view the details of the business and send a message/ contact request to the listing owner.

• You may contribute articles on WEBO Power and share your comments/inputs on the existing articles.

• You can contact the WEBO Power team with your suggestions or queries at info@webopower.com