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Exploring the Mind Body Connect“The body is a temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside,” said a famous Indian guru. While most of us may appreciate and seek to practice this approach, we often find ourselves fighting a losing battle against our restless mind.

Recall a time when you were last exercising, or resisting your favourite food and how your inner dialogue kicked in, “Oh! I can’t do another set; this lap is so killing; I don’t think I can do another minute of this regime.” It is easy to start a regime, but hard to stay disciplined and consistent.

Ensuring the well-being of our body isn’t a matter of a day’s doing, but an outcome of several choices – food, exercise, hygiene, and recreation – that we make over a period of time. The choices that we make today are bound to manifest in the future.

Given this, it is extremely important to ensure our way of thinking, behaviour and even the use of language are not having a diverse effect on our body and lifestyle. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach of reflecting and working on our thoughts, behaviour and language patterns that can help us be in better control of our life and things we wish to achieve.

It is interesting to become aware of the thoughts and words that we use to describe our health woes and weight management. We often lay the blame of our health problems on external factors such as travelling, unexpected guests, a birthday celebration, office party, kitty party or just the desire to binge.

Some may even mention how hard they work at making compromises like replacing white bread with brown, white rice with brown, avoiding aerated drinks, cheese, sugar and others. All this may be coming at the expense of having to battle the restless mind. One of the beliefs in NLP is that the mind and body are one. What the body does has an impact on the mind and what the mind thinks has an impact on your body. Maybe you can reflect on your current health and thoughts. Watch your thoughts because they become actions and actions manifest in the real world.

The coin dropped for me when I began practicing yoga, not just as yet another fad, but in fact with a serious resolve. Initially my mind would start with small suggestions of missing the session because it was way too hot, I was tired because I had a late night, I had a business call straight out of the class. However, I just chose to ignore these thoughts and continued practicing yoga.

As days went by, the internal dialogue reduced and now has become silent. As a result, my body flexibility has gone up notches. Moreover, what’s interesting to me is that when I can flex more, my mind feels a sense of achievement and is in a calmer state. Each posture in yoga induces a state in the mind, while the mind makes it possible to do yoga. A Buddhist sage says, “Become the master of your mind rather than let your mind master you.” Through NLP I have been successful in raising my awareness to listen to my mind and body.

Payal Gandhi Hoon is a NLP specialist and runs open public NLP workshops in NCR. You can visit her Business Listing for further queries.

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Posted On: March 01, 2013

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