Employing Gandhian Mantras at Work

With Gandhi Jayanti round the corner, here are five work mantras that you can imbibe from the Mahatma’s life.

1. Have strong beliefs
One of the qualities that Gandhiji embodied was deep conviction in his beliefs. He believed in the ideology of non-violence (ahimsa), truth and satyagraha (wholistic approach to life). Gandhiji lived for his beliefs even if they seemed contrary to the norm. As an entrepreneur, you too must believe in yourself, your company, product and employees. This strong belief will help you face any criticism and boost your self-confidence.

2. Take the road less travelled
Gandhiji was not a very successful lawyer when he decided to travel across the world to South Africa and there he experienced racism first-hand. His time in South Africa had a profound impact on shaping his values and eternal quest for justice. The lesson for entrepreneurs is simple. Sometimes one has to take the road less travelled to really discover one’s true potential. Had it not been for Gandhiji’s time in South Africa, he may have remained an obscure lawyer. It’s important for us to step out of our comfort zone to unearth our latent worth.

3. Reach out to everyone
Gandhiji had the rare gift to be able to reach out to and connect with everybody. He was as comfortable cleaning toilets with Harijans as hobnobbing with Heads of States. He believed in the dignity of labour and had an abiding respect for humanity. As an entrepreneur you can take a page out of Gandhiji’s book and ensure that your brand or product has universal appeal. Try not to limit yourself to a niche segment of the population.

4. Live by example
Gandhiji always practiced as he preached, whether it meant living a simple life, practicing non-violence or always championing the cause of the downtrodden. As an entrepreneur you must not only rely on advertisements to convey your brand value. You yourself must engage with customers and embody the brand.

5. Have a defining USP
Gandhiji used the non-violent means of fasting as a potent tool to achieve his objectives against the mighty British colonial empire. Similarly, your brand must have a defining USP that sets it apart. For instance, Apple has been synonymous with innovation and Rolls-Royce with luxury and class. Wrack your brains and gauge what is it that sets you apart from other similar products in the market and then leverage that USP.

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