The confidence & challenges of women entrepreneurs

A recent survey on the challenges faced by Indian women entrepreneurs by Greyhound Sculpt, throws up some interesting and thought provoking findings. Greyhound interviewed 1000 women entrepreneurs across 6 cities in India.

It is heartening to know that 50% of respondents are happy with their decision to be entrepreneurs as it gives them a sense of freedom. 20% of women claimed that they started their venture to pursue a passion and for creative satisfaction. While another 20% of the women entrepreneurs claimed that a better standard of living was the motivating factor for them to start a business.

However, a whopping 68% rue the fact that they are not taken seriously as women business owners. In addition 40% claimed that they did not have support from their family members or that their families did not believe that they were capable of making their business a success.

Raising finances to start a venture continues to be a challenge for a majority of women. 70% of women entrepreneurs agreed that capital procurement is a major stumbling block. 20% of the women respondents said that they used their own saving to start a business.

The study clearly reveals that work-life balance continues to be a priority for women. More than 40% of the women said that they either work from home or close to home in order to look after their family. 45% of the women claimed that being their own boss gives them flexibility of time to juggle multiple responsibilities.

Interestingly, women claimed that some sectors are perceived as “No Entry” for women entrepreneurs. These include sectors like Real Estate, Automobiles and Transport. Clearly these are self-imposed barriers because in the West for instance, majority of the real estate agents are women.

These findings shed light on some interesting facets of women entrepreneurship in India. At WEBO Power, we look forward to a time when more and more women choose to be entrepreneurs; make forays into all fields (including traditional male bastions); helm more ventures, companies and government bodies and receive unstinting support from their environment. Women comprise one half of the human resource of our nation and it is vital that they are supported, encouraged and inspired at every stage of their lives.

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Posted By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO Power
Posted On: September 16, 2013

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