Citizen Activism to Make Our Cities Safer

SAFE CITY is a novel, proactive and innovative example of the people’s initiative for creating safer cities for everyone.

SAFE CITY is a project that helps to identify locations where women have experienced or witnessed any type of sexual harassment – verbal comments, graphic behaviour, menace…anything. The approach is two pronged — (1) to identify unsafe hot spots in cities all over India, so that women are more vigilant and the law enforcement agencies are made aware that patrolling and security measures need to be stepped up in these vulnerable areas. (2) to create an aggregate of sexual harassment hotspots in the country and use this as an advocacy tool.

The catalyst for this initiative has been the recent brutal rape of a young woman in Delhi that has sparked outrage, widespread protests, heated debates and citizen activism. SAFE CITY is spearheaded by a group of like-minded individuals who believe that to live safely and feel safe is the inviolable right of every citizen, irrespective of which city they live in.

One of the key people behind this initiative shares, “My colleagues and I had gone to Sweden for a management programme in early December this year. At the end of the programme, we wanted to launch a module that would highlight women’s issues. However this unfortunate incident in Delhi made us realise that the need of the hour is an initiative to make our cities safer.”

So strong was the outrage and the commitment to bring about change that this online network was conceptualized, designed and went live in less than a week. On the first day of its launch, the site has received nearly 400 visitors.

How SAFE CITY works

Women (& men) can report any sexual harassment or violation incident and post the location on SAFE CITY in the following ways:

Email – By sending an email to

Twitter – By sending a tweet @pinthecreep with the hashtag/s: #pinthecreep #safecity

Internet – By filling a form on

SMS – This feature will be available shortly.

There is no compulsion for the victims to reveal their identity. Moreover, one can upload incriminating photos or videos on the website.

There are three levels of severity with several categories to which the abuse can be mapped. This in turn will plot the locations on a satellite map based on the severity entered and create hotspots where such abuse is rampant. By mapping these reports online, SAFE CITY will act as an advocacy tool.

A SAFE CITY team member further elaborates, “The police are constantly urging the citizens to be their eyes and ears and report any mishap or suspicious behaviour. SAFE CITY is our endeavour to identify areas that are “hotspots” for unsavoury behaviour and leverage technology intelligently to stay safe.”

SAFE CITY is a welcome initiative that is indicative of the winds of change in a society that is hopefully moving towards a culture of zero tolerance towards any person or action that threatens the security of its citizens. At WEBO Power, we are committed to creating a safe and secure world for everyone. It is time to join hands as responsible citizens and work towards making our cities safer.

Check out and share this initiative with others. Write to us at and share your thoughts about creating safer cities.

Posted By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO
Posted On: December 27, 2012

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