Celebrating Teacher’s Day with WEBO Power

Teacher’s Day is the perfect opportunity for us to look back and pay tribute to all the wonderful teachers that have inspired us, honed our character and contributed to our growth. Some of the WEBO Power team members open their hearts and share with you what this day means to them.

“We learn the basic course curriculum in school and college from our teachers. But whom do we learn from in our professional lives? We come across various leaders whose style we admire. Consciously or unconsciously, they become our mentors. A mentor can teach us traits like empathy and compassion and the ability to treat employees at all levels with dignity. In today’s cutthroat competitive professional world, where politics and manipulation is prevalent at all levels, let’s follow our mentor’s example and create a congenial workplace. This is an ode to all the wonderful leaders I have come across in my professional life, who have motivated me to be the change that I want to see.”
Achla Bhardwaj, Team WEBO Power

“Taking an inward peek at myself, the word ‘Guru’ appeals and resonates with me better than the term ‘teacher’. Although both these words may be used interchangeably, the word ‘Guru’ carries a deeper meaning. ‘Guru’ is a Sanskrit word in which the syllable ‘gu’ means darkness and ‘ru’ means he who disperses it. Simply put, one who has the ability to disperse darkness from your life is a Guru. Today, I take this opportunity and bow with gratitude to all my Gurus who have been dispelling darkness, to help me pursue the brighter side of life.”
Sanket Medhekar, Team WEBO Power

“I believe, I learn from everyone, every day. My Maths tuition teacher stands out particularly in my mind. I was never a great lover of Maths and in 12th grade, this subject required help to tackle.When I enrolled for tuitions, I thought I would be in for regular teacher-student scenario, but reality was unexpectedly different. He made me develop a love for the subject. How did he do this? It was simple. He would approach a new branch like making a discovery – never making me realise that we were working on complex functions. He would face a difficult problem with gusto and shout in delight when we found a solution. He never forced me to attend classes – if I was absent, he never asked me why. He would instead reminisce the time missed solving a Maths problem. He empowered me – he never gave me a solution, but a direction to solve. That year, I scored the highest marks ever in Maths and in my college too. Though Maths has not been a further pursuit, he inspires me to love what I do and not take short cuts for anything. Thank you Prof!”
Nafisa Sethwala, Team WEBO Power

“This teachers Day I would like to thank, and in my modest way pay a tribute to a person, who has inspired me, and has made a lasting impression in my life – Prashant Pawar-Sydenham BMS Co-ordinator, Marketing Management/ Principles of Management Professor.
I have memories of Pawar Sir, treating us in the canteen for attending his marketing lectures! One of his innovative ways of teaching marketing he claimed! He had a vision, which was quite ahead of time. He has been my guiding light, and has helped me at the most pivotal point of my life. I wanted to do my post graduation in design from National Institute of Design. Coming from a humble background, even after securing the admission, I really didn’t know how I would pay the fees before the deadline. Pawar Sir came forward to fund the initial payment, because of which I could secure my admission. He never once mentioned or asked when I would I be able to pay him back.
I will never be able to thank you enough and will always be grateful to you Sir for what you have done for me.”
Fatema Jaliwala, Team WEBO Power

“Throughout our lifetime, a few people stand by us, guide us and help us in our moments of uncertainty. They could be parents, friends, colleagues or people who have taught us. In a true sense they are all our teachers. I would like to pay my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been teachers in my life and nurtured my being.”
Palak Gupta,Team WEBO Power

I have been fortunate to have amazing teachers, guides and mentors at every stage of my life. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I fondly remember Sujata Ma’am, my nursery teacher, who I have to thank for making my foundation in language and communication strong. All my English teachers in school helped me hone my writing skills and inspired me to become a voracious reader and expressive writer. My Professor in college, Amit Jairam instilled in me a love for music and his free spirit and childlike enthusiasm for life was infectious. And of course my eternal mentor in life is Dr. Daisaku Ikeda because of whose compassionate guidance and teachings I strive to bring forth my best potential…each day!
Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO Power

If it hadn’t been for all the wonderful people who have been guiding and mentoring me at each step, I would have been some other person. Thanks for inspiring me to give my best shot. Thanks for telling me it is ok to fail as long as there is a pursuit to retry. Thanks for pushing me beyond the comfortable boundaries that I create for myself. Thanks for making me realize – there is everything within and nothing without.
Sakshi Aggarwal, Team WEBO Power

“My fondest memories are of my primary school teachers. At an age, when we are highly impressionable, these teachers terrorised and inspired me. There are so many teachers who I loved, and who make me wish I were eight years old again and back at school.
I miss the teacher…
Who always smiled and pinched your cheeks as she went by,
The teacher who sampled a little bit from everyone’s tiffin,
The teacher who noticed you were ill and was so kind that you didn’t miss mummy so much,
The teacher who may not know your name anymore and but never forgets a student’s face,
The teacher who taught me to dream big, because that’s the beginning of passion and ambition,
The teacher who sang and danced on Children’s Day, to celebrate the tiny tots.
Today I celebrate that teacher.
Every mentor, every guide, I celebrate every one of them. I wish a very Happy Teacher’s Day to all those teachers who make a difference in our lives.”
Fatema Khalil, Team WEBO Power

As Brad Henry says, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning.”

Share with us your stories about the inspiring teachers in your life. Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day from Team WEBO Power!

Posted On: September 06, 2013

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