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Exploring the Mind Body Connect

“The body is a temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside,” said a famous Indian guru. While most of us may appreciate and seek to practice this approach, we often find ourselves fighting a losing battle against our restless mind. Recall a time when you were last exercising, or resisting your […]

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Harmony, Health & Wellness

A noted philosopher has said, “Balance is wisdom”. Observing the excessive preoccupation in today’s world with weight, looks and body image, coupled with high levels of stress, there is much truth in these words. While it is important to be healthy, it is unfortunate to become a slave to certain ideal body images or follow […]

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United We Stand: Challenging Breast Cancer Together

I belong to a family where I have had very close personal contact with family members who have suffered from breast cancer. My grandmother was a victim of this form of cancer and she suffered a lot in her last few years because of the lack of advanced investigational methods and treatment. My Aunt was […]

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