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Ishita Anand – Raising funds bit by bit

If you ask any entrepreneur as to what is the biggest challenge to start a venture, one of the inevitable answers would be – raising finances. Many a good business idea fails to blossom, and well-meaning individuals and organisations falter because they are unable to raise funds for their projects. Ishita Anand, co-founder of BitGiving […]

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Neha Ramaiya – Creating a web of joy & healing

It is often said that art is therapeutic. However, seldom do we come across an artist that has devoted their life to use art as a source of healing and creative expression for themselves and countless others. Meet Neha Ramaiya, the founder of YellowSpiders Potter’s Club – a pottery school in Mumbai. Neha graduated from […]

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Sugandha Sukrutaraj – Creating sustainable employment opportunities for the mentally challenged

The joys of employment, and the opportunity to make a living are very normal to us and most of us likely take these for granted without recognising how privileged we are. Seldom, do we think of those who are intellectually less privileged and are consequently denied this joy of life. Sugandha Sukrutaraj, founder of AMBA […]

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Kanan Dhru – A young beacon of change

We live in times where many around us have become cynical. The legal system in our country is inept, politics is not about putting people first and I feel powerless in bringing about change – are oft heard and common refrains. Against this backdrop, Kanan Dhru, a lawyer by profession and a crusader by virtue […]

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Ruma Roka – Igniting hope in the lives of the hearing impaired

How do we react when we see a differently abled person? Some of us turn a blind eye, while some of us feel pity, and others thank God that neither they nor their family members are differently abled. However, Ruma Roka, founder of the Noida Deaf Society (NDS), is unlike others in her approach to […]

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Promita Sengupta – Creating innovative solutions for safe sanitation

Ever so often when we travel across India, we come face-to-face with the reality that there are just not enough clean and hygienic restrooms – especially for women. We feel angered, frustrated and helpless. But Promita Sengupta decided to do something to change the status quo. Her organisation, Innovations Unlimited specialises in creating low cost […]

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Anusha Yadav – Creating the first online visual & narrative archive of the Indian subcontinent

A photograph not only captures a moment in time but can also be the key to understanding the people, culture, society and politics of the past. It was this insight that led Anusha Yadav to conceive the Indian Memory Project – the first online visual archive of the Indian subcontinent. Anusha is a graphic designer […]

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Aarti & Pooja Kothari – Catering to a niche food market

Foodbury, a unique online retail store that specialises in selling health foods, particularly gluten-free food products, is the brainchild of sisters Pooja and Aarti Kothari. Pooja’s son was just a little over two years old when he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an auto immune disorder triggered by gluten. This event became the catalyst for […]

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