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Impression & Beyond

Impression & Beyond
Kadambari Deodhar

We are an Image and Leadership Consultancy.
Image Consultancy:

Image consultancy is a process of guiding clients to project a well received image by managing the following elements:

•Appropriate attire
The importance of dressing appropriately for one’s roles in professional and personal lives cannot be over emphasised. It helps you create a positive impression.
Good grooming practices enhance your personality to make you stand out in a crowd.
•Body Language
Body language is non-verbal communication and conveys a lot hence it is essential to understand it.
Understanding of socially acceptable behaviour in all walks of life.
The art of getting your message across effectively through whichever medium.

At Impression & Beyond we approach the elements that contribute to creating the right image with a process that involves:

•Learning about the client and taking a detailed inventory of client’s needs and image.
•Identifying the strengths to be emphasized and weaknesses to be minimized.

Service Provided:

Corporate Solutions:
Modern businesses have turned into a complex web of relationships, compounded even further by globalisation. It is important for companies to manage the image projected by their employees through training and awareness around the development of several key skills. Embracing the importance of strong soft skills in an organization can bring certain advantages, such as:

•Premium positioning
•Premium pricing
•Larger market share
•Favourable media coverage
•Higher return for investors
•Attracting best talent and talent retention
•Lower attrition cost
•Preferred buyer-vendor equation
Workshops: We can provide group coaching based on specific analysis of training needs. Complete knowledge and guidelines are provided to create great visual impression, with special emphasis on corporate etiquette. Corporate Image Retainer: A company can retain us and periodically utilise our services through sporadic workshops and ongoing follow up coaching. This could also include random quality checks to maintain consistency and track longer term results. One to One coaching solutions: These are tailor made for every individual, customised to suit the needs of an entity based on their prerequisites. Individual Solutions:
For individuals from all walks of life who want to create a powerful First Impression in their personal, professional and social life.

One to one coaching: There are nine clinics covering all aspects of image management and the client is taken through all the clinics.

Individual clinics: The client is taken through one or more of the clinics based on the client’s specific needs.

Workshops: One day workshops on creating a powerful first impression are held. These are usually conducted for 8-10 participants.

Leadership Management
We are licenced facilitators with Leadership Management International (LMI):
LMI is one of the world’s largest professional development companies. The LMI programme offers a series of short action oriented sessions aimed at improving personal productivity through a systematic approach that involves the following four stages:

1.Evaluation of Performance
2.Action Plan
3.Change Behaviour
4.Measure Results
The LMI Programme is a time tested and proven system that develops leaders and organizations to their fullest potential. LMI bridges the gap between potential and performance by helping achieve measurable results.

One to one training and customized corporate workshops broadly in following areas:
➢Appropriate attire
➢Body Language
➢Communication skills
➢Team Building

12 Dar-Ul Khalil, 3rd floor,S. B. S Marg, Colaba, Mumbai-400001.
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Impression & Beyond