An empowering approach to wealth creation – Priyanka Bhatia

Priyanka Bhatia, mentors women on personality development | WEBO Power Two things all humans seem to seek are inner happiness & satisfaction and accumulation of wealth to help assure of a more secure future. Accumulation and management of wealth has often gotten clouded based on appropriateness of professional advice we receive as well as our own resources – time and expertise, in managing our personal portfolios. From experience we know how often we may have been let down by not receiving timely and appropriate financial advice. Priyanka Bhatia, from her personal experience, certainly knows that and decided to do something about it.

A Mistake or a Life Changing Inspiration

Priyanka, who has recently completed three successful years of running her own portfolio management company, started her career as a journalist with a leading national news agency. Hopeful of realizing her dream of buying a property in her name, she invested her savings in equity funds which underperformed and resulted in huge losses to the extent of erosion of her capital. Playing safe, she again invested in ‘Sure-Fire’ funds which proved to be another mistake.

Heart broken by these developments, she promised herself to gain knowledge and the right financial education to plan her money better. The situation did not improve because she could only find wealth managers and insurance brokers who were interested in investing her money into products that gave more returns to the company rather than the client. She shares, “On one hand were common people who could not do much with their savings and on the other, were experienced business owners making money work for them. I interacted with so many people, mentors and entrepreneurs and realized there is an entire process to financial success and financial freedom.”

Passionate about her mission, she enrolled in the Indian School of Business, ISB Hyderabad, to pursue her masters in finance. Priyanka, who had always wanted to start her own venture, found the perfect idea for her start-up. With her formal education, experience and interaction sessions, she co-founded ‘One Tree Spaces’ that provides financial consulting and training to help women, across the country, plan their money and create wealth.

Empowering women with the knowledge of ‘wealth’

Unlike the industry practices, One Tree Spaces is based on a service/consulting fee model. Priyanka asserts, “We are not associated with any builder or Fund Management Company, so any consulting that we give is more from what will suit the client, looking at an individual risk capacity and liquidity requirements, among other factors.”

Physical boundaries do not restrict the reach of this three year old venture. They leverage modern day technology like one to one Sykpe calls, webinars, video conferences and social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn to reach out to and connect with their target audience.
Priyanka reveals, “We are going full tilt with social media, because we believe this is where our market is. We are not looking at the top of the pyramid but focusing on mid segment. In addition, we are doing on-the-ground activities for corporates, women groups, small companies, and individuals. We have developed customized programs for our diverse set of women clients, be it home makers, women professionals, women entrepreneurs, newly-weds and about to be married women.”

We, at WEBO Power, congratulate women entrepreneurs like Priyanka Bhatia, who have not only learnt from their own mistakes but have taken the onus to empower others with their knowledge. We celebrate their journey from passion to profession.

Interviewed By: Sakshi Aggarwal, Team WEBO
Posted On: February 22, 2013

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