The Abused Goddesses Campaign

GoddessesAn inexplicable paradox in India is that on the one hand, we worship countless female goddesses and on the other, we have an appallingly high rate of violence against women. We hear of so many cases of abuse and domestic violence on a daily basis, that at some level we have almost become immune to the horror of it all. It takes a fatal assault on a young woman to mobilise the masses and demand better policing and justice. It is ironic that on the very day that the verdict on the December 16th Nirbhaya rape case is being presented, I came across a hard-hitting and innovative campaign against domestic violence by ad agency Taproot.

Cases of domestic violence in India are seldom reported and friends and family prefer to maintain a distance and not offer support even if they are privy to what is taking place. The victims often suffer in shame and silence to keep up the façade of a ‘happy family’ and to avoid even a whiff of scandal. In such a social milieu, the campaign by Taproot titled “Abused Goddesses” is hard-hitting and visually arresting. The campaign portrays several female goddesses in a traditional painting setting, battered and bruised due to domestic violence. The caption reads, “Today, more than 68% of women in India are victims of domestic violence. Tomorrow, it seems like no woman will be spared. Not even the ones we pray to.”

In a country where deities and religion are an integral part of our lives, this campaign speaks to every Indian and creates a stark contrast on the reverence we have for our goddesses and the complete disregard as a society for our women.

Kudos to the team behind this campaign for creatively shedding light on an uncomfortable and sad reality of our society. We at WEBO Power hope that this enlightened crusade leads to increased awareness and action against domestic violence.

Posted By: Supriya Mathur, Team WEBO Power
Posted On: September 11, 2013

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