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Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners (WEBO)

WEBO Power is a community of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. It supports the efforts of members by providing access to resources, experts and events, to better manage and grow businesses.

Join WEBO Power, and talk to people who understand you and care about your success; find the inspiration to pursue your passion and dreams; and get your business featured on WEBO’s site.

WEBO Power – One Large Dream

As I alighted from the flight from Newark at New Delhi’s International airport, my eyes were filled with hope and excitement to be returning back to start my own venture and to be pursuing my passion.

The first session to give shape to my plans was a rude eye opener – the need to prepare a business plan; the need to create a legal entity; to fund the entity; to open a bank account; to look for an office premise; to seek out clients; to staff up the organization…

I thought to myself, if this is what it takes to start a venture, all entrepreneurs before me must have been superwomen or extremely resourceful or well endowed! Or maybe all of these!

Thirty-six months later, the challenges haven’t ceased – only the nature of the challenges has changed.

WEBO Power is a tribute to all the women entrepreneurs who have been successful at finding their way out of the challenges of the past and are ready to embrace the new ones of today.
WEBO Power is dedicated to all the women who would wish to pursue their dreams and passions – but are looking for support, inspiration and resources.
WEBO Power is an acknowledgement and an expression of gratitude to those who have encouraged women entrepreneurs to embark on the journey and supported their growth and development.

WEBO Power is about building one large dream, made up of several smaller ones – of pursuing our passions. Of the helping hand and the smile of encouragement, that makes a difference. Of knowing one is not alone in this journey. Of collaborating and creating bonhomie. Of caring and sharing.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the community that will fuel the power, energy and resourcefulness of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, as they choose to start their ventures, grow their ventures and drive increased efficiency in their ventures.

Thank you for being a part of this One Large Dream called WEBO Power!

Summi Gambhir
President, WEBO Power;
Cofounder & CXO,
DigiVation Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.