5 Ways for Small Businesses to Leverage Social Media

While large brands and corporations hire agencies and specialized resources to ensure the right leveraging of Social Media platforms, small businesses, too, have plenty of opportunities to engage and interact with their customers (current and prospective) to leverage Social Media platforms.

Here are five suggestions to make the most of Social Media for your business:

1. Build your ‘Circle of Influence’: Circle of Influence is the people you reach through various Social Media platforms. These could be people directly following your business, or links of people posting/tweeting about your business.

To build a large ‘Circle of Influence’, your Social Media posts about your business should be interesting enough for people to share with others. Don’t be shy of sharing new ideas, in the most appropriate medium (videos on YouTube; views on blogs) and all these as links on Facebook and LinkedIn pages/posts for example, as that is what will get people to talk about your business.

2. Engage your customers: Take advantage of this medium to interact with and engage your customers, and better still convert them into becoming advocates for your business. Acknowledge comments; address complaints and accept compliments.

According to a recent survey, 83% of people who complained on Twitter were happy with companies that replied to them.

3. Request for feedback: Leverage Social Media to service your clients and to establish good relations with them, rather than just aim for a one-time sale. As we all recognize – the end of the sale is the start of a relationship. Make ‘managing of multiple relationships’ easy with a multitude of your customers and clients, leveraging features, capabilities and interactions of Social Media components.

4. Ensure updation of content: Post something relevant, current and insightful on a regular basis. One post a day is good, however refrain from ‘over-posting’ as your followers would not like their pages cluttered by too many updates.

5. Follow people/brands that resonate with your business: Remember you are building a strong network for yourself & your business. You will greatly benefit by connecting with like-minded groups on niche networking sites that provide access to useful information & resources.

Posted By: Nafisa Sethwala, Team WEBO
Posted On: November 20, 2012

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