5 Life Lessons I Learnt to Unlearn as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs share a passion to make their ideas a reality but the path that each business owner takes to fulfill their dream is unique. Summi Gambhir, Cofounder at DigiVation Digital Solutions, candidly shares her journey as an entrepreneur, the mountains she has scaled and the lessons she has learnt along the way. Interestingly, Summi’s entrepreneurial voyage has made her challenge and disprove certain common perceptions that are ingrained in our psyches. Read on to discover some very insightful and thought-provoking life lessons.

It feels odd to be making a public admission of the fact that I’m much more comfortable dealing with challenges, obstacles and ‘near impossible’ situations today than ever before. It’s easier to be admitting this is entirely because of my entrepreneurial journey of 5 years.

The entrepreneurial journey is not too dissimilar from a mountain climbing expedition. Each mountain you climb gives you a high (pun intended). But being on top of one mountain also provides you a clearer view of the next taller one looming ahead, reminding you of the long and arduous journey before you. However, every mountain scaled provides its own unique thrill, leaving you with a sense of achievement. It also brings with it much humility and appreciation of having achieved success against many odds. In some strange way, it brings you closer to yourself and you start appreciating and understanding life better. Part of this new understanding of life helps you challenge certain life lessons you had learnt, due to the new experiences entrepreneurship has taught you.

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